Poster Session

WiDS is excited to host a poster session from 12:30 - 1:50 p.m. during the conference lunch break. Posters will be presented by students and postdocs from across the region covering a variety of data-science related topics from forecasting Alzheimers disease to predicting earthquakes. ​Inquiries about the poster session can be addressed to

Amy Kaczur,


Poster title: Heterogeneous large datasets integration using Bayesian factor regression

Presenting Author(s): Alejandra Avalos Pacheco

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Using Machine Learning to Improve Drug Development

Presenting Author(s): Annamarie Bair

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Information Systems For Disaster Response: Damage Assessment And Crowdsourced Data Accuracy

Presenting Author(s): Gabriela Barrera

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: FAST: a data mining approach to large-scale earthquake detection

Presenting Author(s): Karianne Bergen

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Effect Modification of Ambient Particle Mortality by Radon: A Time Series Analysis in 108 U.S. Cities

Presenting Author(s): Annelise Blomberg

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: A Mediational Model between Self-injurious Behavior and Suicide Risk

Presenting Author(s): Wenqiu (Rachel) Cao

Affiliation: University of Rhode Island


Poster title: A Network Science Approach to the Spread of Ebola Virus Disease

Presenting Author(s): Marie-Laure Charpignon

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Relation Extraction Across Multiple Datasets in Multiple Domains

Presenting Author(s): Geeticka Chauhan

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Deep Learning Framework for Joint Object Detection & Scene Classification of Ground Level Photos

Presenting Author(s): Seema Chouhan

Affiliation: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Poster title: Improving estimates of methane sources and sinks with two complementary satellite datasets

Presenting Author(s): Zhuangyuan Fan

Affiliation: Harvard University


Poster title: Modeling Approach to Evaluate Electricity Generation Expansion Planning in Ghana

Presenting Author(s): Sika Gadzanku

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Pedestrian Detection on Infrared Images using Object Detection Frameworks

Presenting Author(s): Debasmita Ghose, Shasvat Desai, Sneha Bhattacharya

Affiliation: UMass


Poster title: Learning Symbolic Rules Through Explanation

Presenting Author(s): Leilani Gilpin

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Systematically learning biological pathway signatures from single cell gene expression data

Presenting Author(s): Anika Gupta & Layla Siraj

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Gene and Environment Predictive Model for Lung Function in the UK

Presenting Author(s): Yixuan He

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Being Corrupt Requires Being Clever, But Detecting Corruption Doesn't

Presenting Author(s): Yan Jin

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Lachesis: An Algorithm for Learning Optimal Room Assignment for Infection Containment

Presenting Author(s): Maggie Makar

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Autoencoder-Regularized Semantic Parsing

Presenting Author(s): So Yeon (Tiffany) Min

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Thousands of mutations may contribute to an individual’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Presenting Author(s): Sarah Morgan

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Can Machine Learning Reduce the Burden of Health Care Quality Measurement?

Presenting Author(s): Christina A. Nguyen

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Recreation of Visual Stimuli using EEG Signals

Presenting Author(s): Mehul Smriti Raje

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Analysis of human sex trafficking advertisements

Presenting Author(s): Pankhuri Sen & Maryam Shahid

Affiliation: MIT

Poster title: Predicting Non-Routine Discharge After Elective Spine Surgery: External Validation of Machine Learning Algorithms Using Institutional Data

Presenting Author(s): Brittany Stopa

Affiliation: BWH


Poster title: Learning Vine Copula Models For Synthetic Data Generation

Presenting Author(s): Yi (Alicia) Sun

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Coupled and Interpretable Auto-Encoders for Expectation Maximization-based Dictionary Learning

Presenting Author(s): Bahareh Tolooshams

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: A Suite of Machine Learning Techniques in Modeling High-dimensional Free Energy Surfaces of Oligopeptides

Presenting Author(s): Jocelyn Tolpin

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Automated Quantitative Assessment of Inappropriate Image Reuse

Presenting Author(s): San Wang

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Alzheimer’s Disease Trajectory Forecasting using Multimodal Data Fusion and Feature Prediction

Presenting Author(s): Yeahuay (Joie) Wu, Surya Devarakonda

Affiliation: UMass


Poster title: Discovery of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Adaptively Selected Gene Perturbation Experiments

Presenting Author(s): Michele Zemplenyi

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Prior-free Data Acquisition for Accurate Statistical Estimation

Presenting Author(s): Shuran Zheng

Affiliation: Harvard


Poster title: Patterns of Online Contention: A Study of Edit Disputes on Wikipedia

Presenting Author(s): Xiaolin Zhuo

Affiliation: Harvard

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