WiDS 2020

Poster Session

Poster presenters have been notified of their selection.

Selected posters are due by 6:00pm on Monday,

March 2, 2020

Poster title: Private testing of distributions

Presenting Author(s): Maryam Aliakbarpour

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: The effect of stochastic disturbances on the communication requirements for control: the case of spatially-invariant dynamic systems

Presenting Author(s): Juncal Arbelaiz

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Leveraging external data in Bayesian adaptive designs

Presenting Author(s): Alejandra Avalos-Pacheco

Affiliation: Harvard Medical School


Poster title: On the cost of regulating social media platform

Presenting Author(s): Sarah Cen

Affiliation: MIT

Poster title: A Causal Inference Framework for Anti-Diabetic Drug Repurposing Using Observational Data from United States Electronic Health Records

Presenting Author(s): Marie-Laure Charpignon

Affiliation: MIT

Poster Title: Impacts of LEED Standards on the Energy Performance of Large Buildings Inferred from City-Level Building Energy Benchmarking Data

Presenting Author(s): Zhen Dai

Affiliation: Harvard University

Poster title: Sparse High-Dimensional Isotonic Regression

Presenting Author(s): Julia Gaudio

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Anomaly Detection Through Explanations

Presenting Author(s): Leilani H. Gilpin

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Optimal approximation for unconstrained non-submodular minimization

Presenting Author(s): Marwa El Halabi

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Implementing the Exponential Mechanism with Base-2 Differential Privacy

Presenting Author(s): Christina Ilvento

Affiliation: Harvard University

Poster title: Probabilistic Bias Mitigation in Word Embeddings

Presenting Author(s): Hailey James-Sorenson

Affiliation: Harvard College


Poster title: A Geometric Model for Opinion Polarization under Campaigns

Presenting Author(s): Yan Jin

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Disease Progression Model for Neurodegenerative-Disease-Affected Eye Movement Features

Presenting Author(s): Hsin-Yu Lai

Affiliation: MIT

Poster Title: Learning Quadratic Games on Networks

Presenting Author(s): Yan Leng

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Counterfactual Analysis of Differentiable Functionals

Presenting Author(s): Yaroslav Mukhin        

Affiliation: MIT

Poster title: Predicting Crime in Boston

Presenting Author(s): Julie Osborne, Mary Wishart

Affiliation: University of Rhode Island

Poster Title: The Societal Acceptance of Shale Gas Development: Evidence from the United States

Presenting Author(s): Dilge Guldehen Kanoglu Ozkan

Affiliation: The University of Texas at Austin


Poster title: A transparent framework for evaluating and mitigating unintended demographic bias in NLP

Presenting Author(s): Maryam Najafian

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Improving estimates of methane sources and sinks with two complementary satellite datasets

Presenting Author(s): Elise Penn

Affiliation: Harvard University


Poster title: Machine learning technique for predicting composition of organic particulate matter and implications for policy control

Presenting Author(s): Yiming Qin

Affiliation: Harvard University

Poster Title: Welfare-Maximizing and Revenue-Maximizing Mechanisms for Selling Data Sets to Interacting Buyers

Presenting Author(s): Maryann Rui

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Deep Orientation Uncertainty Learning based on a Bingham Loss

Presenting Author(s): Roshni Sahoo

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Desirable Streets: Decoding the Value of the Built Environment

Presenting Author(s): Arianna Salazar Miranda

Affiliation: MIT

Poster Title: A large peptidome dataset improves HLA class I epitope prediction across most of the human population

Presenting Author(s): Sisi Sarkizova

Affiliation: Broad Institute


Poster title: Multi-trek Separation in Linear Structural Equation Models

Presenting Author(s): Jean-Baptiste Seby

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: De-biased Machine Learning for Compliers

Presenting Author(s): Liyang Sun

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Learning fair classifiers in online stochastic settings

Presenting Author(s): Yi Sun

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title: Image Denoising and Analysis of Neural Spiking Data with Recurrent Auto-Encoders for Natural Exponential-Family of Distributions

Presenting Author(s): Bahareh Tolooshams

Affiliation: Harvard University


Poster title: Reproducibility in Data Science

Presenting Author(s): Ana Trisovic

Affiliation: Harvard University


Poster title: Facilitating Machine Learning Models on Concurrent Fuzzing with Mutually-Exclusive Task Distribution

Presenting Author(s): Yifan Wang

Affiliation: Stevens Institute of Technology


Poster title: Running Influence Campaigns on Twitter

Presenting Author(s): Qi Yang

Affiliation: MIT


Poster title:  Why Solve NASA Open Innovation Challenges? An Analysis of Solver Motivations From NASA’s Astrobee Challenge Series By Supervised Natural Language Processing

Presenting Author(s): Lihui Lydia Zhang

Affiliation: MIT

WiDS is excited to host a poster session from 12:10 - 1:30 p.m. during the conference lunch break. Posters will be presented by students and postdocs from across the region covering a variety of data-science related topics from regulating social media to predicting crime in Boston. ​​


Inquiries about the poster session can be addressed to Suzanne Bergenhenegouwen, sbergen@mit.edu

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