Lightning Talks

WiDS Cambridge 2021 Lightning Talks


Poster title:  Physics informed GANs for arctic sea ice melt visualizations

Presenting Author(s):  Aruna Sankaranarayanan

Affiliation:  MIT


Poster title: Node Attribute Completion in Knowledge Graphs with Multi-relational Propagation 

Presenting Author(s):  Eda Bayram

Affiliation:  EPFL


Poster title:  Secret detection in azure networking with machine learning

Presenting Author(s):  Farzane Yahyanejad

Affiliation:  Microsoft


Poster title:  High Quality Means Equality: Performance across Diverse Subpopulations in Interictal Epileptiform Discharge Detection in EEG

Presenting Author(s):  Hannah Robertson, Zoe Beckman, Eric P. Hanson, Dave Kleinschmidt, Alex Arslan, Tia Volkamer, Jarrett Revels, Jake Donoghue

Affiliation:  Beacon Biosignals


Poster title:  Predicting Clostridioides difficile recurrence from high dimensional microbiome data 

Presenting Author(s):  Jennifer Dawkins

Affiliation:  MIT


Poster title:  DeepTree: Tracking the Single-Cell Heterogeneity in Non-/Cancer Cell Lines via Automated Deep Lineage Tree Analysis

Presenting Author(s):  Kristina Ulicna

Affiliation:  University College London (UCL)


Poster title:  Floodgate: inference for model-free variable importance

Presenting Author(s):  Lu Zhang

Affiliation:  Harvard University


Poster title:  Demand Forecasting of Service Request (SR) Volume with Human-in-the-loop (HitL)

Presenting Author(s):  Shubhi Asthana

Affiliation:  IBM Research


Poster title:  Exploiting Human Expertise for Interpretable Models in Healthcare

Presenting Author(s):  Sonali Parbhoo

Affiliation:  Harvard University


Poster title:  Network Community Analysis Based Enhancement of Online Discussion Forums

Presenting Author(s):  Soundarya Krishnan

Affiliation:  BITS Pilani

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