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Conversation Clusters

This year we have created Conversation Clusters, where attendees will be able to break out into small groups during certain times of the day to talk about a particular topic of interest. During the conference, we welcome you to gather over coffee in the morning, lunch, and a designated Conversation Clusters session. This is an opportunity for you to gather with people who have mutual interests and have an interesting discussion. Themes include:


  • Computational Biology/Biotech/Healthcare

  • Academic to Industry transition

  • Higher Education/Academic Path

  • Methods in NLP

  • Data Science in Consumer & E-Commerce

  • Data Science in Social Platforms

  • Data Science in Financial Services

  • Equality in Data Science

  • Automation/Robotics/Computer vision


*If there’s a topic you’re super interested in that is not on the list, feel free to let us know!

Big thanks go to the following sister regional WiDS Ambassadors & volunteers for organizing the networking component and conversation clusters:

Shaye Carver
Rutuja Sanjay Dhanawade 
Yashashri Shiral 
Saranya Vaithilingam


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