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WiDS Cambridge is proud to announce
affiliated conferences and events:


Building AI First Products: How to Create Customer-Centric Products with Data Science

March 15, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Milind Kopikare (President, Great Learning North America)

This workshop provides a short overview on how companies can bridge the gap between AI technology and the customer. It will teach you how to apply design thinking principles to your AI and data science research and projects. In this workshop, we will cover understanding why AI-based products fail, what is design thinking, customer discovery, and building your customer journey map and frameworks for when and how to use AI to solve customer problems and create value.


Milind Kopikare is the President of Great Learning, North America, an IDSS Alliance Member. An expert in digital transformation and customer experience management, he has a special interest in Data Visualization and Product Strategy. He has years of experience working at companies like Qualtrics, McKinsey and Google. Along with experience in managing and growing SaaS businesses, he has a passion for teaching and integrating technology into transformational education.



WiDS Workshops

WiDS Workshops aim to inspire, educate, and upskill data scientists and aspiring data scientists worldwide. WiDS Workshops educate everyone, regardless of gender, while inspiring women and girls with role model instructors. Workshops are free and open to everyone. You can finWiDS Workshops on YouTube, including many sessions in Arabic and in Spanish

The WiDS Workshop 2022 season has now ended. 

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WiDS Datathon 2023 Climate Change Webinar
Friday, ​February 3rd @ 8am PT / 4pm GMT


WiDS Conference (Stanford) has launched a WiDS Podcast episode featuring Senior Editor at MIT Technology Review, Karen Hao!


WiDS Conference (Stanford) has launched a WiDS Podcast episode featuring WiDS Cambridge 2021 panel moderator Kristian Lum!

Podcast-Kristian Lum_1200x628.png

WiDS Conference (Stanford) has launched a WiDS Podcast episode featuring WiDS Cambridge 2021 panelist Marzyeh Ghassemi!


WiDS Conference (Stanford) has launched a WiDS Podcast episode featuring former WiDS Cambridge speaker Francesca Dominici, and current WiDS Cambridge Advisory Board member Rachel Nethery!

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